Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018 Wish you many Blessings and Miracles☆


Happy New Year everybody!!! This is Mami Sue :)

They updated my comments on Comedy Feature Film "MIDORI HOUSE" CrowdFunding site

Sorry it's only in Japanese :( If you're good at Japanese or learning Japanese, please take a look ;)

This year

I will not force, I will not make efforts, I will not work too hard, just let it be, go with universal flow☆

I will take good care of my physical body not only my mind and spirit.

I will say what I want, I will say "No" to what I don't want.

Be my own best friend, be my own lover.

I made another blog post: My first visit to shrine in Kimono 2018  Check it out ;)

I wish you many many blessings and miracles☆*

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Mami Sue        

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