Monday, October 23, 2017

To Be Honest with my True Self, To Be True to My Heart【MIDORI HOUSE】


Hey y'all this is Mami Sue ☆

I will play Sakura Amanohashi in the film called "MIDORI HOUSE"

↓↓↓I want you to check out this video↓↓↓

As I'm working on this project, I'm learning how to be honest with my true-self, and how to make choices by what my heart truly wants.

I enjoy digging deep into myself and face my fear --- "I'm scared of losing something/someone" "I'm afraid of being disliked/hated/criticized"

Oops! Am I picking my nose? ↑ lol

The only person who is limiting me is me, worried about what other people think, or concerned about social norms, instead of prioritizing what I feel and what I am.

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Mami Sue        

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