Thursday, September 27, 2012

Great day in Ginza 銀座で〜♫

I had an awesome day in Ginza yesterday:)

Great lunch at the Italian restaurand Sun~mi

then I went to summit international, got some nice skin treatment:)
These paintings that were in the lobby are all original paintings!!!

Wanna be with you
prod. by C-Note NeSmith

Produced by FIZZ

Yutaka Kambe

Supported by
Atelier Ding Dong
UMANOSUKE from Cobraclaw Film

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co-produced by Chino

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Destorm Watch me contest 2012

DJ Amazing Squirrel Remixed me&J's song "Tell Me"

私とJアブソルートの"Tell Me"がDJ Amazing Squirrelによってリミックスされました♬再生ボタンをクリックで視聴、Buyをクリックでダウンロード↑

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【Japanese Kimono】*Fashion* Purple / White / Lily / Flowers

日本語はこちら← 【Japanese Kimono】*Fashion* Purple / White / Lily / Flowers 【着物+帯 2点セット】紫 白 百合 花柄 半幅帯 紺 むらさき 黒 ワインレッド ユリ ゆり きもの kimono 和服...