Tuesday, September 25, 2012

うちの猫 my baby cat

She always makes me happy:)

Wanna be with you
prod. by C-Note NeSmith https://www.facebook.com/CNOTEN

Produced by FIZZ http://www.facebook.com/FIZZwithFIZZ

Yutaka Kambe http://www.canbe-yutaka.com

Supported by
Atelier Ding Dong http://www.next-nevula.co.jp/keikoba/studio/096dingdong/index.html
UMANOSUKE from Cobraclaw Film http://cobraclaw-film.com/

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Jewelry sponsor ジュエリースポンサー PimpCode http://pimp-code.com/


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co-produced by Chino

Check out http://pimp-code.com/ ;)

Destorm Watch me contest 2012

DJ Amazing Squirrel http://www.amazingsquirrel.com/ Remixed me&J's song "Tell Me"

私とJアブソルートの"Tell Me"がDJ Amazing Squirrel http://www.amazingsquirrel.com/によってリミックスされました♬再生ボタンをクリックで視聴、Buyをクリックでダウンロード↑

↑We will donate 100% of the proceeds to the volunteer organization http://itsnotjustmud.com/
収益は全てhttp://itsnotjustmud.com/?lang=ja に寄付されます。

China White a.k.a. Konatsu Yokokawa http://www.facebook.com/mykonatsu

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Feels good to be a CEO for a day! Widgets Inc, Business English Textbook Support Video

日本語はこちら← Hey guys! I'm so happy to be in Widgets Inc, Business English textbook Support Video :) I played Miki May --- ...